Preservation refers to additional packaging treatments that will 'preserve' the goods when exposed to different climate conditions.

  • Moisture Control - humid environments
    *Alscott International Packaging uses Desiccant bags (pellets that absorb moisture) for moisture control.
  • Electrical Protection
    Electrical panels can have coatings and/or coverings applied to prevent damage from moisture.
  • Specialized coatings-
    Applied to 'goods' to prevent pitting/corrosion.
  • Barrier Material -
    Certain equipment can be 'bagged & sealed'.
  • Tilt, Shock & humidity Indicators
    These sensors can be placed within the crates and/or containers to indicate whether equipment has been tilted, tipped over and detect moisture
(This list is not complete, please use it a reference and call or email us with any questions you may have about preservation methods deployed by AIP.)


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